U.S Automotive Actuators Market - Growth, Trends and Forecasts (2017 - 2022)


The US market for Automotive Actuators is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 10.14% till 2020. In US, NOOK Industries Inc., APC International Ltd., and CTS Corporation are the key players involved in manufacturing of these systems. As a solution for accurate spring and bump stop ratings for racing cars, the Earnhardt Technologies Group (ETG) developed a revolutionary Spring Bump Stop Rater (SBSR)...

United States Automotive High Performance Electric Vehicles Market - Forecasts and Trends (2015 — 2020)


An electric high performance vehicle (EHPV) is propelled by electricity, is equipped with advanced electric vehicle powertrain components and Li-ion batteries with high energy density. High Performance Electric Vehicles market in the United States is expected to grow at a CAGR of 42.34% during the forecast period. Though the market is at its nascent stage, the electric vehicle segment is expected...

United States Automotive Smart Keys Market - Forecasts and Trends (2017 - 2022)


The market for Smart Key in USA is projected to reach $7.5 billion by the end of 2020 with a CAGR of 28%. Smart Keys were a critical feature only in the luxury vehicles. However, increased safety norms are expected to spike the market for these systems in low-end vehicles as well. With the change in vehicle owner expectations for their vehicles to perform tasks that would involve a minor physical...

United States of America Traffic Sign Recognition Market - By Mode of Display, Solution Type, Applications, Geography and Vendors - Forecasts, Trends and Shares (2015- 2020)


The USA market for traffic sign recognition systems is expected to reach US$ 220 million by 2020, at CAGR of XX%. The increasing importance of consumer safety and installation of ADAS in mid-segment vehicles is helping the growth of the market significantly. The TSR system aims at the computer vision methods for the detection of objects outside the vehicle environment. There has been significant...

US Automotive Steering Sensor Market - Forecasts and Trends (2017 - 2022)


The automotive steering sensor market in US is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.05% by the end of 2020. Demand for passenger vehicles in the luxury vehicle segment has been a critical factor propelling the demand for automotive steering sensors in the country. The increase in demand from passenger cars, which witnessed a whopping 5.7 percent growth from 2014 has been majorly driven by the...

U.S Automotive Camera Market - Growth, Trends and Forecasts (2017 - 2022)


The US Automotive Camera market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.25% during the forecast period. USA is expected to witness the highest share in the automotive camera market in North America. In terms of growth, the automotive camera market in this country would witness the highest growth rate, during the forecast period. Increasing demand for luxury cars in the country followed by the demand...